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 Et l'ETC?

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Le pierre menez de battle

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MessageSujet: Et l'ETC?   Jeu 4 Nov 2010 - 23:11

Juste pour dire qu'une deuxieme version du reglement de l'ETC a été déposée:

Citation :
Rules changes:
- Characters will get "look out sir" versus the following spells that automatically kill models or automatically remove an entire regiment: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th, Infernal Gateway 11-12 effect. Normal requirements for lookout sir apply.

General Restrictions:
2400 Points.
No Special or Named Characters.
Army used can be any of the currently published GW Army books. Chaos Dwarves and DoW definatly gone?
A maximum of 3 identical core choices may be taken (regardless of equipment and other upgrades)
A maximum of 5 warmachines may be taken per army
Max. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20”+ (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots).
Unit sizes of are limited as follows:
- Non-infantry units (including monstrous infantry): Maximum 16 models/unit
- Infantry costing 5 points or less: Maximum 50 models/unit
- Infantry costing 6-9 points: Maximum 40 models/unit
- Infantry costing 10 points or more: Maximum 30 models/unit

Magic Restrictions:
- Apart from Winds of magic and Channeling, an army may only generate 2 PD/DD per magic phase.
- You may have units/abilities that actually would generate more than 2 extra dice, but any excess dice are lost
- Some magic items/abilities count as generating dice toward this limit.
- “Count as” items/abilities may never exceed a cumulative 2PD/DD per phase. This means that if you take the power scroll, you may not take any other items that “count as adding PD/DD”
- All modifers are applied from the army list and will not change during the game.

Item restrictions:
- Power Scroll counts as generating 2 PD and 2 DD each magic phase
- Each Loremaster ability counts as generating 1 PD each magic phase
- Anything item that auto-dispels a spell counts as generating 1 DD each magic phase.
- Folding Fortress is not allowed

Army Specific Restrictions:
Beastmen: No Restrictions
Bretts: Trebuchet is a 0-1 choice
Dark Elves: Hydra is a 0-1 choice. Max. 35 repeater Crossbows in the army
Dwarves: Each spellbreaker/spelleater rune counts as "one item". Anvil of doom counts as warmachine; Grudge Throwers are a 0-2 choice; Max +4 dispel dice instead of +2
DOC: Flamers are a 0-1 choice. Siren Song may only be taken once
Empire: Steam Tank counts as 2 warmachines; Tank, Rocket battery and Engineers are a 0-1 choice
High Elves: Book of Hoeth counts as generating +2PD and +2 DD; Shard and Crystal as +1DD/phase
Lizards: Salamanders are a 0-1 Choice; Terradons, Chameleon Skinks and Stegadons (any kind) are 0-2 choices; Beclaming Cogitations counts as generating +1 PD and +2DD/phase, Cupped hands as +2PD/phase.
Ogres: No Restrictions
O&G: No Restrictions
Skaven: Hell Pit Abomination is a 0-1 choice; Gutter runners are a 0-2 choice; Engineers are a 0-3 choice
Vampires: Wraiths and Varghulf are 0-1 choices
TK: No restrictions
WE: Wand of Wych Elm counts as generating +1 DD/phase
Warriors of Chaos: Hellcannon is a 0-1 choice. Infernal Puppet counts as generating +1 PD and +2DD /phase; Tendrils of Tzeench and Conjoined Homunculus both count as generating +1 PD/Phase.

Et que sur le warfo, on parle beaucoup des qualifs de l'ETC, ils sont deja en traind e recenser les équipes. Zelus et Menk, la binouz retente t elle l'aventure? Avec la même equipe? En tout cas, n'oubliez pas d'aller vous reinscrire si vous etes chauds Smile

Voili voilou.
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Et l'ETC?
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